About Us

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou”

“It’s better to become friends through business than to do business through friends” and in RMS’s case, never was this truer.

I must say that it is a real privilege for me to have made so many close friends who started off as being customers to RMS, and most of whom I would never have got to know was I not occupying the seat that I do. I feel equally privileged to be heading up a Company such as RMS with a solid 26 year retail legacy and an excellent reputation of being the “go-to” team for general merchandising in the Majors.

Retailing is not for sissies and can be a most unforgiving environment to the unwary or inexperienced. On the other hand, when done right, it can be a most rewarding pursuit.

A partnership with RMS means that the customer receives the benefit of RMS wealth of ability and experience and a team that adds real value to their business. A reputation such as ours is hard won and we take great pride as a Company in reinforcing it, not by talk but by action. RMS is a company that lives and breathes our stated aphorism of “product, people, passion”.

The values that we consistently impart to our staff are simple and customer-centric. We believe that without our customers, we are nothing, and when a customer hands over the merchandising and sales of his products to us, he is doing more than signing a contract, he is entrusting his business to us. We treat this as a sacred trust and are ever mindful of our responsibilities in this regard.

“To those of you who make us who we are – thank you.”

About Retail Merchandising Services

The Leading Sales, Marketing and Merchandising Specialists.

RMS (Retail Merchandising Services) aim to increase the value and success of our your brand through effective and proven merchandising and marketing solutions.

RMS has the capacity to offer nationwide retail merchandising services through Africa. We have worked with many of the leading chain stores and brands across Africa. The experience gained over the years has allowed us to refine the processes and procedures that we use and improve our offerings. This close attention to detail ensures you receive the very best sales, marketing and retail merchandising solutions.

The RMS Board Of Directors:

  • Chairman: Andy Simaan
  • Divisional Managers: Allan Daniels, Shaun Rivalland, Alan Rozenthal

Each division of RMS has a specific specialisation and essentially functions independently. Each division is given separate incentives to encourage a healthy competitive spirit within the company.

At RMS, we understand that the success and productivity of a company is largely dependent on the competence and ability of the each staff member. This is why we make sure that our employees undergo a standardised induction and formal in-house training. This ensures that we continue to deliver sales, marketing and retail merchandising services that are of the highest quality.

Social Responsibility

RMS understands that a productive company should also be a productive citizen. Contributing to society and helping deserving causes is important to the team at Retail Merchandising Services. This is why the company has chosen the Jane’s Haven Aids Orphanage as the organization that we would like to assist.

RMS Product Range

Sales And Marketing Services:

We offer many sales, marketing and merchandising services at a store level. These include: calling cycles, selling in of both mandatory and promotional lines and retail merchandising solutions.

Technological Products:

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution allows for the wireless access to information as well as wireless communications. This can help professionals increase productivity and efficiency.

Outsourced Staffing Solutions:

Our partnership with Assign Services allows us to help our clients find contract, seasonal and casual staff. The database of staff available includes: call centre staff members, drivers, IT staff and admin clerks.

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